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Latest News

NCF had another record year ending 31st August 2018. We completed over £150m of funding for both EPL & EFL football clubs. Additionally we closed several deals for Premiership Rugby clubs. This was secured on either transfer or broadcasting monies receivables. So far in this current financial year we have completed £70m with £50m in the pipeline ahead of the forthcoming transfer window. As we approach our 20th anniversary we continue to be the No. 1 choice for the majority of top football and Premiership Rugby Clubs for providing receivables finance.

In the Football market we have put together some funding structures with a small panel of Banks and Fund Management Firms.(FMF)

We offer finance for the transfer fees of Premiership, Championship and top European clubs as well as discounting future Broadcasting monies. We have completed a considerable number of deals in our nearly 20 year existence. We are also able to source finance secured on season ticket receivables and catering contacts, sponsorship contracts and stadium naming rights.

  • Leading clubs in Italy, Germany, France, Spain, Portugal, Holland and Argentina have exclusively mandated us. We have also sourced asset finance facilities for some of our football club clients.
  • We completed the very first financing transaction for a Premiership club which is Sharia law compliant. This deal will form a template for future robustly structured transactions in the UK and Europe.
  • We are increasingly being asked by our client football Clubs to raise finance for new Stadiums, stadium upgrades and stadium refinancing.
  • We have sourced a multi million £, multi year Stadium naming rights deal for a Premiership Club. We are currently completing another Stadium Naming Rights transaction where we are raising finance for our client club against future income.
  • We have completed several deals with Premiership Rugby Clubs and have just completed a funding package for a leading Welsh rugby club.
  • In 2018 we completed over £150m of finance for our clients.