Sports Finance by New Century Finance
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Welcome to New Century Finance

New Century Finance, offers its clients a unique proposition in being able to provide the highest level of advice and support to clubs, owners and investors on many aspects of the sports receiveables financing market.

  • NCF has managed over 350 transactions representing over £3/4 bn in financing
  • NCF have completed transactions with over 60 different clubs in football across the UK, Europe and South America
  • NCF provides specialist access to all the borrowing clubs in Europe and the UK
  • NCF has no constraints on deal size over £500k.
  • NCF deal sizes have varied from £500,000 to over £40 million
  • To date, no investor managed by NCF has ever experienced a default or late payment

As the market leader in providing receiveables based financing to football clubs in England since 2000, we have a proven track record in the industry. As an independant highly respected company in the close-knit football industy, we are able to source the most attractive deals for clubs and funders covering all the major sports receivables financial structures.

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NCF Latest News

NCF had another record year ending 31st August 2018. We completed over £150m of funding for both EPL & EFL football clubs. Additionally we closed several deals for Premiership Rugby clubs. This was secured on either transfer or broadcasting monies receivables. So far in this current financial year we have completed £70m with £50m in the pipeline ahead of the forthcoming transfer window.